Seven Chakra Gardens

Winding paths lead guests through Willka T'ika's renowned seven chakra gardens.

Each garden contains symbols, shapes, sculptures and medicinal plants that resonate with one of the seven chakras, or energy centers, of the human body. The flowers blooming in each garden are of the particular color associated with that chakra, flooding the visitor’s eyes with a single hue. Both color wavelengths and flower vibrations are known to heal on physical and emotional levels and bring peace to the soul. 

In the crown chakra garden, a thousand-year-old lucuma tree connects guests to the energy and wisdom of the ancient Inkan civilization. The grassy area beneath the lucuma tree is a perfect place for meditation.

The gardens heal and balance by allowing guests to connect directly to the wisdom of Nature. Walk, meditate, write, paint or simply relax in the chakra garden of your choice.

Tune in and receive the whisperings of Pachamama, Mother Earth.