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Healing Arts and Ceremonies

Professional local therapists offer Willka T'ika guests optional Andean SPA treatments, including massage, facials, and breema sessions. Crystal light therapy sessions and outdoor floral solar baths under the southern skies are also available. Spa and healing arts services may be scheduled upon arrival at Willka T'ika.

The following traditional and creative ceremonies are available exclusively to Magical Journey retreat groups. Additional fees may apply. 

Offerings to Pachamama A full authentic Andean ceremony followed by traditional fire ceremony is included in all fully-inclusive Magical Journey programs. Individual energy healing treatments performed by traditional Q'ero healers and coca leaf readings may be requested for a small fee.

Ayahuasca ceremonies may be arranged for 3 or more participants registered in a Magical Journey Retreat Group, as a two night extension added at the end of a program.  This allows a full day and night free after the ceremony for participants to rest before traveling  The ceremony is held the following night after the final night of the group's program, and takes place inside the large indoor Nawi Pacha temple in the lower garden with an experienced professional ayauascero.  Participants must follow a special diet on the day of the ceremony, and the morning after.  Other guidelines and an additional fee per person applies.

Pachadanza, Earth Dance to Energize your Chakras. A professional, spiritually-attuned dancer from Cusco joyfully leads guests through each of the Chakra Gardens in sound and movement. This  break-through, fun and uplifting two-hour program releases unwanted chakra energies replacing them with higher vibrations. A fee per person applies.

Full Moon, Solstice or Equinox Ceremonies are available for groups of 10 or more with advanced notice. A group fee applies.

Andean Musicians. Highly accomplished, traditional Andean Musicians offer an evening musical treat for your group at Willka T'ika. Enjoy the haunting melodic sounds from Inkan times. This is included in fully-inclusive programs.

Andean Art Workshops. The highly acclaimed artwork of Marius, a staff member at Willka T'ika, is to be found in homes all over the world. A two-hour morning workshop with Marius can be arrranged for a small fee.  

If you are interested in including any of these options in your group retreat program, please ask Magical Journey for scheduling information and costs.


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No amount of luxury can replace the heart and soul and positive energy that has been created in this special place. Our Magical Journey tour was the trip of a lifetime. I was thrilled to learn all the aspects of the true Andean cosmology as we toured the country with our amazing guide. Carol, you have created a place that feels like home and all the elements of Willka T’ika including the staff, is a restorative, inspiring place. I cannot wait to return!

Kate Mulder

San Francisco, California

2015 Wish List for Chumpe-Pokes, Grades 1-11

Submitted by Carol Cumes and Principal Jessica Flores Huamantika

Carol Cumes Books

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 Located 75 minutes from the Cusco airport