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Leading a Joyful Magical Journey Retreat


Imagine a fully-inclusive Journey to Machu Picchu amid the pure energies of Peru’s Sacred Valley for your own special retreat. Surrounded by spectacular Andean mountains, you'll be thrilled to hold your group gatherings in one of the most spiritually energized and beautiful places on Earth. This is Willka T’ika, a sustainable luxury retreat designed precisely to serve group leaders and teachers seeking the authentic mind, body and spirit experience in the perfect location.

Program options balance the daily spiritual practice or workshops with the rich cultural heritage and spiritual energy of the surrounding area. While at Willka T'ika, all programs include traditional Andean ceremonies with authentic Q’ero healers from the high mountains. Andean SPA services, full body massages, outdoor solar baths, crystal light therapies and options for nature-based ceremonies led by talented Andeans are all available.

·      Our two beautiful sunlit yoga or dance studios are perfect for classes or lectures. They have hardwood floors, fit 25+ and 55+ mats comfortably and are fully equipped with mats, cushions and thick Andean blankets.

 ·     In secluded gardens the round Takiwasi music room, Yachaywasi wisdom room and the oval Pachañawi earth eye are available for group ceremonies, gatherings and meditation sessions.

 ·      Each of our Seven Chakra Gardens contain symbols, shapes, sculptures and medicinal plants that resonate with one of the seven major chakras, or energy centers, of the human body. Feel free to integrate them into your own group work.

 ·      The well-being of participants is enhanced by three delicious, organic vegetarian meals a day. Food is grown at Willka T'ika and vegan and gluten-free options are available.

Relax, breathe deeply and enjoy a seamless journey while your guide and Quechua staff take care of all the details.


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From the moment the gates open and you enter Willka Tika, your mouth drops open in amazement at the vibrant, bold colors of thousands of flowers, your nose is greeted with the delicious aroma of every flower essence imaginable and your eyes focus upon the smiles of all the staff at Willka Tika! I felt as if I was in Heaven...literally, and that feeling was present every single day I spent there. My room was expansive, and all meals were from the organic garden, fresh hours before mealtime and delicious! You could feel the love from the staff who makes them daily.....

I was blessed to be able to practice yoga daily in both beautiful fully equipped yoga studios with walls of windows... The space is Divine, sacred and perfect for anyone wanting to relax, refresh, let go and heal on all levels!!!! Carol, Mark and her entire staff are family now and they treat you like one of the family! Your trip will be taken care of in all ways and your options for Spa services is top notch! This is a must....

October, 2013

Chris Schwan, Yoga Teacher, AZ, USA

2015 Wish List for Chumpe-Pokes, Grades 1-11

Submitted by Carol Cumes and Principal Jessica Flores Huamantika

Carol Cumes Books

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Located 75 minutes from the Cusco airport